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AIA Artistas Portugal
This year too I've been invited at the annual exhibition of AIArtistas in Portugal
from the 38th to the 18th July 2011


Piazza Libera Tutti
San Niccolò, Florence
On the 3rd July 2011,,following Clet's original idea, the square in San Niccolò
ecame the centre for street artists to exhibit their work.

Foz Coa 2010

Foz Coa 2010         Foz Coa 2010



Maggio64r ArtGallery, Florence
Via Maggio, 64r
From 25th June to 20th July 2011

Foz Coa 2010

Butterflies in the Stomach and Red in the Skin:

Together with Brunella Baldi, in the prestigious Via Maggio new art space Maggio64r

Il cortile della Fioraia, Florence
Viale Mazzini, 16r (corner Via Masaccio)
From 7th to 30th June 2011

Foz Coa 2010

Butterflies in the Stomach:

Old and new etchings, but also aquatints, mezzotints, softgrounds...


the Airport Gallery, Edinburgh
From 8th November 2010 to January 2011

Foz Coa 2010

A group exhibit inside the Airport's Gallery of fine arts.
This is the winter exhibition and will be on til
l the beginning of January.

The gallery's website

Teca Bar, Florence
From 24th August to 8 November 2010

What a great place!
A must, if you like to feel spoiled during the Aperticena!
Check out Francesca and Gianluca's place, for refreshing Art.

AIA Internationa Exhibition Foz Coa, Portugal.

From 20th to 26th May 2010.

Foz Coa 2010

The annual exhibition of international artists.

This year there were italians, irish, norwegian,
spanish, french, chileans, and, of course portuguese...

I was lucky to have been invited.
Great artists, wonderful friend, splendid country

From 20th to 26th May 2010.


Angels, Florence
Via del Proconsolo.


'Angels in Colour'

From 8th to 30th April 2010.

My first non-etching exhibiiton. Six large size mixed-media panels.
Calligraphy pen, watercolour, digital retouchè, but also acrylics, wool, spray...


Shilling, Florence
Via della Rondinella, 35 (zona Coverciano)

shilling 2010

from the 21st of January to 28th February 2010.

Quite a bit of new stuff.
Some recent etchings, dedicated to the 'Aura' each being has.

The main series of shown etchings is dedicated to the Bestiary production, among which
cats, the toad, the flea, the gecko, the robin redbreast, the ant...

Molto Tumore per Nulla, Bergamo
Porta S. Agostino

from the 2nd to the 15th November 2009.

Invited to partecipate to a satirical exhibition on a
delicate theme such as tumor, I was happy and embarrassed.

Among the other partecipants were great europen satirist and illustrators...

The show's website

Viandante/the Wayfarer

Antico Spedale del Bigallo,
Bagno a Ripoli,

on the 4th of October 2009.

My first collective exhibition, on the theme of the wayfarer.

Some of the fellow artists I have known for a long time:
Piero Mazzoni, Paolo Lauri, Stefano Castrucci, Angela Nocentini.

Others were new to me.

This is the page I dedicated to the event.

VisitScotland Tourist Office

from the 15th/16th August 2009.

A two-day hands-on exibit.
Valued surprisingly mainly by the young ones...

Internal Fauna/Fauna Interiore

Caffè Michelangelo, Florence
Piazza Ferrucci

from the 9th to 19th July 2009.

It was meant to last just four days, then it was extended for another week.
Much interest in the latest production: the Bestiary, and new star signs in the Horrorscope series.

Shilling, Florence
Via della Rondinella, 35 (zona Coverciano)

from the 13th of November to 18th December2008 .

Quite a bit of new production.
The main series of shown etchings were:

= Talking about etchings and food.
PoEtica = A new series of watercoloured etchings, dreams...
Horrorscope = I never believed in horoscopes; these etchings are on iron plates.
Who cares if it was found in a junkyard and is rusty and scratched?

Click here to see a few images taken during the opening evening

Art Caffé, Florence
Via Lombroso, 3 (zona Piazza Dalmazia)

(I'm the one wearing the kilt...)

At the end of May 2008 another exhibition at the Art Caffè in Florence
was a good place to round off showing some of my work of the past and present.

With over half of the 25 plates never seen before, this is a good way of ending the first series of etchings.

Now I know that everyone who was interested has had a chance to see most of the work I've done up to now.

From now it'll be all new material.

A local online newspaper review of the exhibition.

The exhibition was to be on till the end of June 2008.
It was extended till the end of July

'Il cortile della Fioraia' 2008, Florence
Viale Mazzini, 16 r (zona Campo di Marte)

After some 30 years, I decided to come out and make my work as an engraver better known.

2008 and was the debut year for this change.

My first ever Solo Exhibition took place at the Cortile della Fioraia, in Florence.
It was a huge success, both for the quantity and quality of visitors.

A great vernissage, followed by one week (extended by a further week).

Click here to go to the blog of La fioraia (in italian).