Spedale del Bigallo exhibition
4th October 2009

Laura Giunti: curator
Sconfinando in Toscana: event organization

Travelling Light, Mezzotint on zinc, watercolour. 2009

My first experiment with this technique.
The idea is quite simple..

La sosta
acquaforte su zinco
Bivius gallus: va dove ti porta il Gallo
acquaforte, rotella, acquatinta su zinco
Viaggiare leggeri
maniera nera e puntasecca su zinco
Il viaggio: future esperienze e memoria del passato
acquaforte su zinco.

La sosta, Etching on zinc. 2009

A tribute to the Ancient Bigallo Hospital.
Walkers from the middle-ages have had a chance to relax and get firstaid help in places like this, from Rome to Santago.

Travel: future experiences and past memories, etching on zinc, watercolour. 2009

While travelling with a motorbike, you smell the odours, hear the sounds, and experience your route much more than in a car.

You are part of the scenery, sorrounded by the weather,

Bivius Gallus, follow your heart, etching, aquatint on zinc. 2009

This is my latest contribution to the Gallery series, but with a hint to the space that hosted the event.

Bigallo literaly means the Crossroads of the Cockerel.

I thought of a simbolic wind cock, wherether that points, that's where I want to be.

After a brief apparence at the Sezione Aurea exhibition,
and the Caffè Michelangelo, I am preparing for an Exhibition in October.
More to come...