Iain Antony Macleod
21 January 1961, Florence (I)

nationality: British
known languages: Italian and English (basic German, French, Spanish)

Born in an all-artists family (my father was a famous scottish Poet and Writer,
my mother a Sculptress, and my siter a Ballerina), I've been brought up to appreciate art and to search for beauty.

After graduating at the Liceo Artistico di Firenze in 1980, I worked from 1981 to 1986 in the Funis-Mustur architecture studio as Architetto Funis's left hand.

In 1988 with others I founded SI.LAB srl, a small but aggressive little multimedia firm;
as head of the Macintosh Dept, my main duties was Graphic User Interface designer, electronic maps, illustrations...

Though having always worked with Mac OS for all kinds of platforms , C-DI, DVI, CDTV, CD32, DOS, e Windows, I have never seen one of my Works only for the Mac plaform.

In 1995, after having left SI.LAB I started a free-lance career.

I then behaved as a prawn, moving backwords, from multimedia to printed paper.

I worked for the first 13 numbers of the monthly Re Nudo, as main graphic, working on the images.

I have worked on various small medium size art and culture websites as webmaster since the beginning of 1995, following an HTML course at DataPort in Bientina (Pisa, I).

At the Mediartech 1998 the series of CD-ROM and audio CD Africa produced by Silab (of which I designed the GUI and developed the instruments section, a s well as all of the english version) one the Perseo d'oro.

Since 1998 I have been increasingly been working on Computer Mapping of fresco restauration sites.

Most of my life, however, and since Art School days, I have continued to etch.
Recently I have srtated to engrave also on iron plates...

I am married, with an Italian Architect, Marina, and have one son, Robin.

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