Since March 1998 I have been working on creating computer mapping for these fine restauration sites

(in the photo: the I-mac I placed inside the Strozzi Chapem in Santa Maria Novella (Florence) with the restaurer working on frescoes by Filippino Lippi)

For most part of 1999 I also shwed my work to 5 guided tours every saturday morning.

Unfortunately I am not yet allowed to publicly show my work online.

Cappella del Sacro Cingolo,
Prato Cathedral

(containing the remains of the Virgin Mary' Belt).
Frescoes by Agnolo Gaddi
Arezzo Cathedral,
Computer Mapping of the first Vault
Strozzi Chapel,
Santa Maria Novella, Florence
Frescoes by Filippino Lippi, Tomb of Filippo Strozzi by Benedetto da Maiano
Masaccio, Trinity,
Santa Maria Novella, Florence
Possibly the first example of perpective applied to a Fresco.
Loggia del Bigallo , Florence
Computter mapping of the frescoes and sculptures.