What's going on around Iain Antony Macleod's etchings

These are some of my latest works.

the SwanDuck at Moonlight
Etching and Softground on Zinc
(20x30cm) ©2011

Softground and
watercolour on Zinc
(15x30cm) ©2011
Globalized Nasicornis (Florence cathedral and CocaCola can)
Etcing and watercolour on Zinc (30x30cm) ©2011
Waiting for title
Softground on Zinc
(20x20cm) ©2011
My cup of tea
Etching on Zinc
(10x15cm) ©2011
love plant
tao moon



Please take a look at my exhibitions page, if you want to see my past shows...

Some of my etchings are being exhibited around Florence:

ArtStore, Piazza Duomo, Firenze
Fabriano Boutique, Corso, Firenze (where I work, part time)
and Vaggi, on Ponte Vecchio.
From the beginning of Spring I have some works also on the Danish Island of Ærø (Aero)

Contact me if you'd like to e kept informed of my future events.